Before running to choose your puppy, I want to share with you this very useful information that you should read very carefully so that you can draw your own conclusions about what is most convenient when making a final decision.

There are some aspects that you should consider before adopting a dog of the Golden Retriever breed, these are excellent dogs, beautiful and very friendly if after considering all these points you still decide to adopt one, a thousand congratulations because I assure you that this decision will make you very happy.

  • Golden retrievers are ideal as family dogs, they are gentle, love to play, and are very affectionate with children and other pets. Ideal to have them at home.
  • They are robust and strong, very cheerful, and need a lot of physical activity, they like to jump, run and play, so they require at least two walks a day of one hour each.
  • They are very simple and cheap to care for since they do not require special haircuts, but they do require a good brushing every week to keep their beautiful coat in perfect condition and also because they lose a lot of hair.
  • You must pay special attention to the health of the dog, make sure it is the correct weight for its age, that it does not have an inflated belly or mucus in the eyes or nose. Check that the dog is not limping or having any difficulty running or jumping.
  • Look at the behavior of the dog, make sure he is happy and very alert, if you notice him sad or shy, it is better to choose another one, because he may be sick.
  • Decide on the sex of the dog you want to obtain, there are differences that you must take into account between a female and a male, for example, males have a more dominant temperament, a characteristic of the male is that he will mark territory or raise his paw and leave your mark every time.
  • The females are less dominant, but you must take into account that they will have times of heat after reaching sexual maturity, and in that period they can be covered by a male and become pregnant.
  • A Golden Retriever breed can have between 8 and 14 pups in a litter.
  • If you want your bitch to get pregnant, you should make sure you get a partner of the same breed during her heat times and get ready to receive a beautiful litter of puppies.
  • Sterilization is an option that you can take into consideration in both the male and the female. In the male, his dominant instinct and the instinct to cover the female are diminished or disappear.
  • Sterilization in the female eliminates the heat cycles, therefore, she will not reproduce.
  • You should also take into account the size of your house, the climate, and the time you will have available to dedicate to the dog. All dogs will adapt to being alone while you have to work, but they will always need time for themselves that will depend on the characteristics of the dog.
  • One of the issues that you must take into account is the economic part since a dog requires special care as much as if it were a human being. These cares range from food and hygiene to veterinary control.
  • You must take into account the size of your house and the space where the dog can stay, Golden Retrievers are very active and love to play and jump, although they adapt very well to floors, in this case, you will have to take them for a walk with more frequency.

If you live alone you can also have a Golden Retriever, only you must take into account that when you return from work all your attention must be on your pet, spend a good time taking it for a walk.

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