Main Features
The Collie immediately seduces with its great beauty. His soft and lively expression, his haughty attitudes make this dog one of the jewels of the canine species. Revealed to the general public thanks to the cinema and the famous Lassie, it is now definitively associated with loyalty, loyalty, bravery, and intelligence.
Gifted with great sensitivity, the Collie is made to live in harmony with its owner and the whole family.
If the variety Rough Collie, or Collie with long hair, is the most widespread, its cousin with short hair the Smooth Collie also deserves to be known.
Whatever the variety, the breed exists in three colors: sable (which goes from blond to charcoal fawn), tricolor (black coat with fire marks), and blue-merle (the dilution of white hairs in black fur gives a bluish appearance).
The Collie is also recognizable by the distribution of its white marks: neck and chest, legs, tip of the tail.
The Collie is also called Scottish Shepherd: it comes to us from the north of England where it was used as herd manager.
In the second half of the 19th century, the first dog shows were organized and from then on, the Collie acquired its letters of nobility. He went so far as to seduce the Queen of England herself, who made her one of her favorite races.
In France, the breed appeared at the end of the 19th century and the first breed club was founded in 1912, under the impulse of passionate, noble and wealthy amateurs. The breed was popularized after the Second World War thanks to the character of Lassie until it became very fashionable in the 80s.
Today, the number of annual births is more reasonable and allows the existence of quality livestock.
If the Smooth Collie has existed in France for many years, its presence has long remained confidential. It is now better established with a modest but regular number of births.
Character and Education
The character of the Collie is made of gaiety and sweetness. He will always volunteer for a game session, a sporting outing, or for hugs on the sofa! The perfect family dog, it is the ideal companion for each member of the house, from the oldest to the smallest.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no marked difference in temperament between the male and the female.
Naturally sociable, cohabitation with other dogs does not pose a problem for him, as do cats. It is a dog particularly easy to train and its adaptable character allows it to take it everywhere with you. Like all dogs, he will try some nonsense, but you will react gently and firmly.
During its growth, you will ensure its socialization by taking it out as often as possible in places frequented as soon as it is acquired at the age of 8 weeks. He will learn to overcome his apprehensions in the face of unusual situations or strangers.
You will of course be able to practice a sporting activity with your Collie: agility, obedience, digging, herd, dog-dancing called “obé-rythmée”, can-cross, etc … He will flourish there fully. The Smooth Collie is also used as a guide dog or guide dog for the disabled.
companion for all family members, young and old
Food and Health
Feeding your dog has now become easy: industrial food can meet all of your pet’s needs at a reasonable cost. Depending on their age or level of activity, you will find ranges adapted to your companion.
The Collie does not need too rich a diet, otherwise, beware of the pounds which can hide under the thick fur and which are detrimental to his health!
The Collie is quite robust in nature and thanks to the serious work of breeders, there is no pathology specific to the breed today. Like all dogs, it must be dewormed two to three times a year. Apart from his annual vaccinations, there will be little reason to go to the veterinarian.
The maintenance of the Collie is not too restrictive. A simple brushing every week, or every two weeks depending on the amount of hair and the living conditions of the animal, will be more than enough. Baths can be useful if the dog is really dirty, but generally, a good brush stroke is enough to restore your companion’s splendor!
The collie, an easy to train dog that you can take everywhere
To live in town
The Colley adapts very easily to city life and delights in the cozy comfort of the apartments. It is naturally calm and is not considered destructive.
Be careful however, this is only valid if his master assumes his responsibilities by taking him out regularly at least three times a day and long enough, which will be essential for his balance. During your absences, he will appreciate having toys at his disposal, this will help him wait for your return!