LOF collie collie stallions available for breeding
If you want to embark on the adventure of a litter with your dog, you will find in this section stallions available for breeding. It’s up to you to make your choice based on your criteria and your possibilities.
We remind you that in terms of colors, certain couplings are prohibited  :
– blue X blue
marriage – blue X fawn (or sable) marriage
All the stallions present in this section are registered in the French Book of Origins (or in a foreign book for subjects residing outside France). For your part, make sure that your dog has her final pedigree, that is to say that she has passed the confirmation exam and that you have made the necessary administrative procedures with the CCS. This condition is imperative so that your puppies are in turn registered with the LOF.
We invite you to contact the owner of the chosen stallion before the heat of your dog. You will be able to agree on the terms and conditions, in particular the price of the covering and the possibility – or not – that your dog is housed during the time of mating. If he is a breeder, he can also guide you in the compatibility of pedigrees.
The terms of the contract are free. However, it is customary to refer to the International Breeding Regulations drawn up by the FCI.
Once mating has been completed, you have 8 weeks to send the Central Kennel Association the breeding certificate signed by the owner of the stallion.
If you are the owner of a stallion and wish to see it appear free of charge in this section, you must:
– be a member of the Club des Amis du Collie and up to date with the subscription
– send the elements to Arlette Roulier: elevage.roulier@orange .fr
– include in your shipment your complete contact details, the pedigree 4 generations of your dog, 2 photos (if possible not resized), his date of birth, his LOF number, his identification number, his possible titles, and exams health.