Congratulations! You’ve decided to get one of the most intelligent dog breeds Poodles are not just intelligent, but they score an incredible 10 out of 10 on the scale of cuteness. You will enjoy cuddling with this dog breed because they are irresistibly adorable. Nonetheless, you still need to be careful when have decided to get this dog as your new pet.


So the question is, how will you choose the right poodle puppy? Here are some tips to help you with that;


1.  Decide the size that you want


You should know that poodles come in different sizes altogether. If you live in a small house like an apartment, a toy poodle would be your ideal choice. Also, they can be good travel companions. Nonetheless, the toy poodles might not feel comfortable near young children. Mini poodles go well with apartments and they get along with children easily. For the standard and large poodles, they can be good family dogs.


2.  Find a good breeder


If you want to get a healthy poodle pup that will not bother you with unnecessary health disorders, you should consider picking one from a reputable breeder. The breeder will have the right qualities to take care of the pup without any worries. Also, they offer their puppies with guarantees.


3.  Observe the quarters of the puppies


As you visit the breeder, ensure that you inspect the puppies’ quarters and check if it is well-maintained. The food and water dishes must be kept clean, and the beddings must also be fresh. Ideally, pick a puppy that has been raised in a clean environment.


4.  How does the puppy interact with others?


If you want to take home a specific puppy, you will have to take note of how he interacts with other puppies. Suppose the poodle puppy is all alone and doesn’t socialize with other puppies, he might not be the right choice for you. Most likely, such a puppy may not be friendly when you take him home. Always choose one that interacts well with other puppies, but they should not be too aggressive.


5.  Observe the puppy keenly


Other than the interaction with other puppies, you should check to see if the puppy has any health defects. Check that the coat is shiny, and there should be no discharge in the eyes. The tummy should not be bloated. Also, a healthy puppy should have matted fur.


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