Learning a dog can really be fun, and it will allow him to build his confidence in you, and in the human
being in general. Teaching him some simple commands like sitting, lying down, and coming is a good
foundation for the next exercises. When your dog is lost, he will then be inclined to turn to you for
instructions. His shyness will be replaced by confidence in you. Other education like agility can build a
confidence and ultimately bring him to be a proud dog.

Here are some examples:

Teach Him Politeness
Have your dog sit down every time you pet him, give him treats, feed him, play ball with him, or open a
door. If this may seem extreme, these exercises will help him build a behavioral framework. This
framework will allow him to de-stress since it is a situation that he will be used to addressing. This
exercise will also push your dog to turn to you when in doubt.

Sensitize Your Dog
The best way to help him control his fear is still to submit him to it. In no case is it a question of stuffing
it into the arms of a stranger the first time, be careful! But if your dog is afraid of a child, start by
showing him a child from afar, several meters away. Little by little, approach, and after a few weeks, he
can accept to be touched by the child! Stop exercising as soon as you notice that your dog is stressed.

Rewarding Efforts
This can be a good complement to the previous exercise. As soon as your dog makes a social effort,
reward him. If he sits next to strangers, congratulate him with a word or sound (a clicker or a simple
"yes") and then deliver him a treat. Do this as soon as he approaches someone he was afraid of before,
and it will make him want to do it again. Conditioning is the best way for him to no longer be afraid.

A Social Problem
The vast majority of the time, the fear of the animal is triggered when it sees a stranger or a certain
type of person. The first step in your procedure will need to determine who your dog is afraid of. You
may sometimes think that your dog is scared for no reason, but you will really have to think and analyze
his environment. Start making a list of things or people that may have frightened your dog or made him
shy. The list may be different for each dog, and thats not a problem. Some animals will be afraid of
strangers, others of children of a certain age, others of men of a certain size, etc. Once the culprit is
found, you can start the exercises.

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