There are hotels for dogs and cats that have wonderful facilities and services. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a hotel for cats that has a brushing service, piped music with chill-out music, and even individual luxury suites with their own private garden.

If you are going to leave your cat in a hotel, keep in mind that you must make sure that it meets certain requirements. A hotel for cats that you can trust, and that allows you to go on vacation with peace of mind knowing that your cat is in good hands, must have certain characteristics:

  • Must be licensed to operate as a cat hotel. The residences and hotels for cats and dogs must have a license to operate as a Zoological Nucleus that regulates each autonomous community.
  • Even if they offer a pick-up and delivery service, they should allow you to visit the facilities before you make the decision. When you visit, talk to the caretakers and make sure they have the necessary experience.
  • The facilities must be spacious and clean. Your cat will need an individual space where he can eat, drink and rest. If you indicate it, your cat can access spaces shared with other cats, but it must always have its own space. This is critical.
  • The food must be adequate, even if you prefer it, make sure that the cat hotel allows you to bring your own food.
  • It has a permanent surveillance system, also at night.
  • Although health care is not mandatory, you will leave your cat and go on vacation with more peace of mind if the hotel has a veterinary service. During your visit to the facilities, ask about a California Certified Veterinarian service in the area and the action protocols in the event that a cat becomes ill.

If you go on vacation, make sure your cat is in the best condition. Do not feel guilty if you have to leave it in a cat hotel, just make sure it is a suitable place where it has its space and privacy. Remember that if you get your cat used to socializing with other animals and people in advance, it will be easier for him to adapt quickly to a short stay in a cat hotel. It could be a great experience for him!

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