If you are thinking about adopting a bambino cat, you might have made one of the best decisions in the world. It might sound weird, but it really is a good thing to own a bambino cat But as you prepare to bring one of these naked cat breeds home, you should have some little information about them.


Everything has some aspects that might not be so exciting to the owner. But still, you will enjoy having this cat at home. Here are some of the things you should be prepared to experience when you bring home a Bambino cat;


 You might need some earplugs sometimes


Bambino cats can be noisy as they inherit this from their ancestors the Sphynx cats When they are hungry or when they want to send you a message, they will meow as usual. But the problem here is that the meow can be too noisy, especially if you don’t attend to them immediately.


They might catch an attitude (Like all cats)


Don’t be surprised about this, but it does happen when your grown Bambino cat doesn’t get what she wants. For instance, if you tell her no or stop, she will meow you back. Almost like giving you the whatever-answer of the teenagers.


They are quite needy (Isn’t every cat?)


We have already stated that the Bambino cats can be noisy with their meows when they want something. But that’s not all. These cats will want to cuddle almost all the time. When you sit down on the sofa, the cat will come on your lap wanting some cuddling. Even when you get up, the Bambino cat will try wrapping around your legs so that you can pick her up. So be prepared for that.


They can leave some stinky stuff behind


These cats are one of the most adorable breeds out there. However, you might want some air freshener when the little guy does his thing in the litter box. They do leave some stinky stuff that you may not really get used to in the first days. But this will not be too strong for you if you stay with the cats for a few more days. Maybe if she does her thing when the visitor is around. That’s why you should place the litter box in a well-aired place, and ensure that you empty it frequent enough.


In general, having a bambino cat is super amazing, but you need to learn the right ways to live with this amazing cat breed. As long as you know the right tips and tricks, and you attend to the cat’s needs appropriately, you should be good to go.


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