How to kill Termites For Good!

The fact that termites have settled in your house can threaten you with serious problems. They are capable of causing significant damage to property, trees, plants and water bodies. If you have any suspicions that termites might be giving you trouble, here’s what you can do to eradicate them.

Inspect your property for signs of termite infestation. You can either hire a specialist or try to find signs of termites yourself. Termites attack everything wooden, things become covered with small holes or seem to be contaminated with dirt. Inside the tree, you can see small yellow or white insects. The incomprehensible appearance of sawdust is another indication of the defeat of the house by termites.

Buy a liquid termite pesticide. Spray the pesticide around the entire perimeter of the house and use it to spray any crevices through which insects can enter. If the termites cross the barrier you created, they will die.

If you suspect your home is infested with termites, try using powdered pesticides. They work in the same way as liquid ones. Sprinkle the powder wherever you think there might be termites, and around the perimeter of your home.

Use termite bait to kill an entire colony of termites. Place the bait outside the house. Place a piece of wood inside it to attract insects. The tree is surrounded by a plastic barrier. The trap must be stuck into the ground. The pesticides inside the trap will kill the insects.

Hire professionals to fully disinfect your home. Disinfection requires special equipment available from insect control companies. This method will only be effective for a specific type of dry wood termites.

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How To Work With Your Dog Breeder During COVID-19


Given the rapidly changing situations and the current awful circumstances, the government has rightly advised against all non-essential travel. It is therefore imperative that you take into account every directive issued by the government as you work a way out with your dog breeder. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has put in measures that everyone must comply with. 

So, how do you work with your dog breeder even as you comply with the government’s directives?

Well, let’s dig in.

Here is how to deal with the coronavirus concerns

I don’t think it’s a case of doing away with breeding, but changing the way we usually do things. But really, how do you ensure you are in contact with your dog breeder without violating the rules?

Here is what you should do with your dog during the pandemic:

  • If you already have a litter of Golden Retriever puppies, you can stay in contact by phone, email, and video calls. You can as well send photos. 
  • You can use all the technological tools available to vet buyers. They include Facetime and teleconferencing. “That way, I can see them and talk to them and see their body

    language. If someone wants to see where the puppies were raised, we can do a virtual tour of my house” says Skou, a Breeder Field representative.

  • Dressing up your puppies in different hats, wigs, and costumes. It is another way to bring “new” people into your puppies’ lives without bringing in strangers. 

Below are suggested safety measures for breeders.

  1. Ensure you book appointments to see a puppy. While at it, make sure you limit the number of puppies shown.
  2. Have a prior discussion with the customer. Make them know what to expect when they come.
  3. As a health measure, get to know from your client if they have anyone in their family who has flu, cold, or allergy symptoms.
  4. Do not restrict yourself to a small room. Do the transaction outside where there is a large space.
  5. Try to limit physical contact with the customer. 

This might be a new way of doing things. We may not even welcome strangers in the near future. However, that may the only way we can ensure safety for our dog breeders and families.

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4 Effective K9 Training Methods


Training methods vary depending on the results you would wish to achieve. They are different methods you can adapt depending on how you want your dog to behave at the end of the training. Not all training methods will apply to all dogs. This will allow you to know your dog and what soot’s it best.

Here you will 4 of the best K9 training methods you should put in practice.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

This training involves giving an award in every training session.  Every time your dog does something right make sure that it is complemented with a reward, but when the dog does something wrong deny him the reward. Repeat this every single training day, the dog will be consistent and finally, you’ll see changes in the training process.

The Positive Reinforcement method is more effective especially when you teaching your dog new commands. This involves more of giving instructions or when you need assistance to do something. As much as this method is much effective, you’ll have to be patient to achieve the best outcome.

  1. Scientific Training

These methods help you to understand the behavior of your dog. You will be able to know how the reward system is working and how quickly your dog can change its behavior. This method is highly employed by professional German Shepherd dog trainers To have successful training you must have the ability to read your dog’s behavior and mood change. This aspect will go along way in ensuring that you have a good relationship with your do and at least the dog is taking in some lessons.

  1. Clicker training

As it is always done in sports training, clicker training involves the use of a device to make a certain sound that indicates the completion of certain training, or even just a command for calling your dog. The clicker can be used by the trainer to add new behavior and commands. This is why it is the best method that helps your dog learn new tricks. Most professionals prefer this method since is more effective in training an all-round dog.

  1. Electronic training

This method involves the use of a device that would remind the dog when doing the wrong thing. It involves producing shock strokes when the dog is not following the given instructions. This is more effective especially when training in an open field. This method should only be used by professionals or with their help to achieve better results.

Final words

Dog training is not an easy task as it may look like, but if you employ the best method you’ll find it easy to make sure you achieve better results. You can get these, and more K9 training tips at Furthermore, you get to choose some of the well-groomed and trained German Shepherds that could help with your personal protection.

03/16/2020: ATTENTION: cancellation and postponement of exhibitions

03/16/2020: ATTENTION: cancellation and postponement of exhibitions
Due to the coronavirus, the Regional Breeding planned on April 5, 2020, in Villemotiers is CANCELED as well as the Regional in Canton on June 14, 2020. No date is specified for a possible postponement of these 2 exhibitions.
On the other hand, the Nationale d’Elevage is postponed to the weekend of October 3-4, 2020 in Cérans Foulletourte. The commitments will also be carried over.
Persons who have already made commitments for these exhibitions are requested to contact the delegates concerned for reimbursement or postponement to the new date.
Thank you for your understanding. Take care of yourself and your family.
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02/17/2020: ENE 2020 menus
Download: menus for the next national
meal reservations are to be sent to Christophe Dancoisne on his email:
Deadline for sending: April 15, 2020
Thank you